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This section will help you choose an external vendor for your interRAI implementation.

The vendor software you use to collect and submit data needs to meet your business requirements for collection and integration with other systems.

What you can do

Changing vendors

What’s the impact on your data?

How CIHI can help

  • CIHI provides data submission requirements and supporting documents for the interRAI data standard being implemented in your organization to licensed CIHI vendors.

  • CIHI offers expertise in testing the proposals and submissions you receive from vendors, to ensure that they comply with the specifications.

  • CIHI provides additional information on acquiring a non-commercial vendor licence for organizations interested in becoming a non-commercial vendor.

  • CIHI provides clinical data quality audits that can be incorporated into software and used directly at the point of care.

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The importance of data quality

Data quality is a collaborative effort and is part of the process every step of the way. Consider incorporating some of these data quality tools into your vendor software to assist with data quality initiatives at your organization:

  • Current Canadian interRAI standard
  • Clinical audit flags
  • Assessment scheduler
  • Data quality audits

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