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Consider the benefits of implementing the interRAI assessment system in your organization.

All interRAI instruments have core assessment items and use standardized language. This means that health information can be shared across sectors in a consistent and reliable way.

The new enhanced and updated suite of interRAI assessment instruments

  • Is easier for clinicians to use
  • Improves quality of care
  • Optimizes costs and resources
  • Improves standardization

Manage the change

Transitioning to the interRAI assessment system is, however, a substantial undertaking — one that could bring significant change to how your organization does business.

Having a change management strategy in place can help with the transition. To be effective and meaningful, this strategy should address issues related to

  • Change in culture
  • Change in business processes
  • Change in day-to-day operations
  • The impact on clinical documentation
  • Evaluation and process improvements

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