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Once you have selected a vendor, use these questions to help guide the contract negotiations to ensure that the vendor solution will meet your organization’s business needs for data collection, reporting and submission to CIHI:

  • What determines the software price?
  • Are there different versions/upgrade options available?
  • What types of services (on site and virtual) are included in the purchase?
  • What is the timeline to build your software and test all of your requirements?
  • What ongoing training is offered?
  • Is real-time client support available?
  • What standard is the vendor supporting?
  • How often do program updates go out, and are clients notified when they do?
  • What is the turnaround time for getting bugs fixed?
  • How customizable is the system? Will it meet business needs? Are there additional costs for maintenance?
  • Can other mandatory reporting requirements be integrated into the system?
  • Is the software integrated or stand-alone? Is it available for online and/or offline use? Can it be used remotely with mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smart phones)?
  • Does the solution have the ability to link into the organization’s information system?
  • What are the contract term commitments, termination clauses, discounts and hidden fees?

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