Integration and continuity of care relates to the many ways that care is provided and that patients flow through the health system.

CIHI provides a wealth of health services data. We are uniquely positioned to explain

  • How different components of the health care system work together
  • How well and how often patients transition between various services

By collecting data across many sectors of care, we are building a pan-Canadian view of continuity of care across sectors. This access to a multitude of data sources ensures that government bodies, hospitals, health authorities and other stakeholders have the information they need to provide high-quality services efficiently. CIHI's interest and work in this area are expanding.

Key reports and analyses

Defining High Users in Acute Care: An Examination of Different Approaches (July 2015)

Leaving Against Medical Advice: Characteristics Associated With Self-Discharge (Oct. 2013)

All-Cause Readmission to Acute Care and Return to the Emergency Department (June 2012)

Key resources

High Users of Health Care Bibliography (December 2014)

Pan-Canadian Forum on High Users of Health Care: Summary Report (2014)

Databases and data sources

CIHI's many databases are used to calculate our large number of clinical, financial and other indicators across the health system and for populations. Our databases include