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Selected OECD countries, 2016 Voluntary/household out-of-pocket
(in Canadian currency)
(in Canadian currency)

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Per capita figures are expressed in current Canadian dollars using OECD purchasing power parity data.

OECD Health Statistics, 2018.

OECD average 254 1,568
Canada 174 1,568
Australia 535 1,925
France 122 2,188
Germany 79 1,921
Netherlands 182 2,097
Sweden 42 2,554
United Kingdom 162 2,023
United States 1,752 1,985
  • While Canada is among the highest spenders on overall health care in the OECD, we spend less than most other countries on hospital services, at $1,742 per person, compared with the OECD average of $1,822. When limited to government/compulsory spending, however, Canada spends around the OECD average of $1,568. For voluntary/household out-of-pocket hospital spending, Canada ($174) spends less than the OECD average of $254.
  • Of 32 selected OECD countries, 16 spent more on hospitals than Canada on a per person basis.

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