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About health information management professionals

Health information management (HIM) professionals are certified experts in the science and technology of health information management. They possess a unique blend of knowledge and skills encompassing biomedical sciences; information science and technology; the legal aspects of health information management, including privacy; and the integration of clinical and financial information.   

HIM professionals are employed in a variety of health care settings, including acute care, community health clinics, mental health and outreach programs, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, as well as in government agencies, privacy commissioners’ offices, educational institutions, IT/IS vendors, pharmaceutical companies and workers’ compensation offices. 

CIHI collects high-level, standardized information on 30 groups of health care professionals in Canada. This includes information on their supply, distribution, demographics and regulatory environment. To find out more about CIHI’s health workforce data, visit the Health Workforce Database metadata page.

To learn more about health information management professionals, contact us at hhr@cihi.ca.