Francine Anne Roy - Vice President, Eastern Canada

Francine Anne Roy

Vice President, Eastern Canada


Francine Anne Roy joined CIHI in 2000. As vice president for Eastern Canada, she is responsible for ensuring a local presence in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. She develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders and partners across Eastern Canada with the goal of understanding their unique health information needs to ensure that they are considered in the development and delivery of our products and services.

In past years, she was responsible for governance, strategic, operational and project planning functions within the organization; CIHI’s corporate and stakeholder communications and publications; and the strategic course of information on health expenditures, MIS and costing, and clinical registries. She initiated strategic data initiatives on health spending, such as new analyses on health care cost drivers to strengthen the course for national costing information. She led various projects, including the development of vision for pan-Canadian health system use (secondary use of health data), the corporate Performance Measurement Framework and CIHI’s Strategic Plan, 2016–2021.

Her prior work in health human resources included leading the implementation of the National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses and the development of new health human resources databases. In the pharmaceuticals field, she led the development and operation of the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System and the implementation of the National System for Incident Reporting.

Prior to joining CIHI, Ms. Roy held numerous positions in nursing care and management. She holds a bachelor’s in nursing and a master’s in project management.