The enhanced search functionality enables searching the Tabular List for a single word or string of words within each field — Includes, Excludes, Code Also, and Notes — in both classifications. Only 1 field can be populated for searching at a time. Alternatively, you can perform a search for terms within the entire tabular listing using the first field entitled Query For. When searching in the Query For field, text within Attributes is also searched.

Note that in CCI only, there is an additional search field: entitled ‘Omit.

This tabular search functionality is accessible through existing binoculars in both classifications. In ICD-10-CA, select binocular 4 entitled ICD-10-CA Tabular List Query. In CCI, select binocular 1 entitled CCI Tabular List Query.  

To search for an exact match of a string of words, place quotation marks around the terms you wish to search. For example, in the Excludes field in the CCI Tabular List Query, adding quotations around the search words “that with removal of foreign body” will render 4 hits containing this entire string.


As always, the Advanced Query binocular or Folio’s F2 search functionality will search for a term or a string of terms within the index, tabular list and appendices (ICD-10-CA and CCI) — essentially anywhere in the classification where that term or terms appear.