Community care is delivered in private homes, retirement communities, residential or long-term care homes and community clinics.

Community care programs are designed to

  • Help people maintain optimal health and function
  • Prevent or delay admissions to hospitals
  • Support hospital discharge and follow-up

CIHI collects information about community care services in Canada. We also set Canadian data and information standards to ensure that community care information is comparable across the country.

CIHI provides essential community care data and analysis to all stakeholders, including care providers, system managers, policy-makers and the public.

Community care information

Home care
Home care programs provide assessment, case management, health and personal support services to people with diverse care needs.

Residential care
Residential care provides living options in community-based facilities for those who need different levels of support to optimize independence.

Key reports and analyses

Health Spending - Nursing Homes (Nov. 2014)

When a Nursing Home Is Home: How Do Canadian Nursing Homes Measure Up on Quality? (Jan. 2013)

Seniors and Alternate Level of Care: Building on Our Knowledge (Nov. 2012)


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