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Infographic: Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care

Results from The Commonwealth Fund 2015 International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Physicians show that there is room for improvement in coordination of care between different parts of the health system.

  • 29% of Canadian family doctors always receive reports from specialists with all relevant health information.
  • 22% of Canadian family doctors waited 15+ days or never received reports after their patients were discharged from hospital.
  • 55% of physicians who work in primary care teams frequently coordinate with social services or other community care providers, compared with 44% of physicians in other models. Primary care teams are those supported by public funds. Examples include family health teams in Ontario, primary care networks in Alberta and groupes de médecine de famille in Quebec.
  • Half of Canadian doctors said that at least 1 patient had experienced problems in the past month because care was poorly coordinated.