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We continuously work to enrich our information infrastructure to support our analytical tools and products. The use of cloud computing provides the flexibility, security and value to support CIHI’s mandate and allows us to provide our clients with high-quality, timely and secure data.

What is cloud computing?

Commonly known as “the cloud,” cloud computing is an information technology solution that allows security-sensitive organizations to store and process data in secure off-site servers. These servers are a proven and safe way to manage and store important and confidential data.

When will CIHI move to the cloud?

We currently use cloud technology for selected applications. Eventually, all data will move to secure off-site servers.

How does the cloud affect privacy and security?

The secure off-site servers meet our strict privacy and security requirements, as well as all obligations in our data-sharing agreements. We also have a robust privacy and security risk management process for the cloud initiative, which provides continuous risk identification and mitigation.