Health information has become one of society’s most valuable public goods. It informs policy, management, care and research, leading to better, more equitable health outcomes for all Canadians.

CIHI has earned the trust of health systems as the main gatherer, packager and disseminator of information that will address the biggest opportunities: at important moments when policy is formed, when care is delivered and when research is conducted.

To succeed in this role, we have evolved to be both knowledge leaders and service providers — in tune with the health systems’ needs while setting the pace on data privacy, security, accessibility and innovation.

We are facing rapid change from a place of strength, thanks to the expertise, curiosity and integrity of our people. We collaborate with the federal, provincial and territorial governments, and with our partners across Canada and around the globe.

Better data, better decisions, healthier Canadians: powered by a shared sense of purpose, the highest standards of excellence and trust.

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