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Data Source Content Data Years Timelines
CMDB Financial and statistical data 2013–2014 to 2017–2018 Annual refresh
DAD Acute inpatient and day surgery data 2013-2014 to current YTD* Monthly refresh
NACRS Emergency, day surgery and ambulatory care data 2013-2014 to current YTD* Monthly refresh
NRS Adult inpatient rehab data 2000–2001 to current YTD* Quarterly refresh
STC Income deciles/quintiles, geography data and population data 2013-2014 to 2018-2019 Bi-annual refresh


* Year to date (YTD) is based on the fiscal year from April 1 to March 31.

Category Available in CIHI Portal
Custom Groups Customized groupings using existing data objects
Grouper Methodology DAD: Current year and last 5 historical fiscal years of DAD data grouped using the 2 most recent Case Mix Group+ (CMG+) grouping methodology years

NACRS: Current year and last 5 historical fiscal years of NACRS data grouped using the 2 most recent Comprehensive Ambulatory Classification System (CACS) grouping methodology years

NRS: Rehabilitation Patient Group (RPG) grouping methodology applied to all clients with a complete Total Function Score on admission
Geography Hierarchy Postal Code Conversion File (latest version)
Patient Dimension DAD: Readmission and Previous Admission

NACRS: Re-Visit and Previous Visit
Prompted Metrics Enhanced possibilities for single-report presentation
Peer Comparisons Provincial, regional, institution, acute hospital peer group
Visual Thresholds Data suppression, highlighting
Visual Insight Enhanced visualization of data (versus plain graphs)
Visual Crossing GIS/mapping functionality