This product has been developed to increase clients’ ability to understand and use CMG+ grouping information and to address increasing demands for case mix understanding and direction on how to use case mix measures and products to inform decision-support.

Product Details

This document provides a high-level review of the CMG+ grouping and indicator methodology and the essential CMG+ summary information. This document focuses on several issues pertaining to the use of CMG+ data, including the meaningful ways to interpret hospital data using case mix tools to inform decision. The fundamental principles of data analysis are reviewed and the document concentrates on outlining several ways the information can be explored, emphasizing issues and concerns with each.

This document has been developed with examples for illustration purposes. While the examples are specific to the CMG+ 2008 methodology, the guidelines presented for using case mix information to inform decision support are applicable across methodology years.


The Case Mix Decision-Support Guide: CMG+ document has three objectives:

  • Provide a summary of the CMG+ grouping and indicator essential information
  • Provide guidelines for using case mix information for decision support; and
  • Provide examples that demonstrate analytical techniques for using case mix tools. Developing benchmarks


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Case Mix Decision-Support Guide: CMG+