NACRS Pick-Lists

Presenting Complaint List v5.1

The Canadian Emergency Department Information System (CEDIS) Presenting Complaint List (PCL) contains patient complaints commonly seen in the emergency department. It is a standardized list used to capture patient reasons for seeking emergency medical care. The CEDIS PCL is used to capture NACRS Presenting Complaint List (data element 136).

The PCL v5.1 will remain in effect for 2019–2020.

Canadian Emergency Department Diagnosis Shortlist v6.0 (2019)

2 codes and accompanying common terms have been added to the Canadian Emergency Department Diagnosis Shortlist (CED-DxS). The CED-DxS is now a subset of 846 diagnoses derived from more than 17,000 ICD-10-CA codes to capture discharge diagnosis information on emergency department patients in Canada. The CED-DxS is used to capture the ED Discharge Diagnoses (data element 137).

Effective version 6.0, the format of the CED-DxS documents has been modified. In both the PDF and Excel documents, English and French have been separated into 2 documents, font colours have been removed and tables have been reformatted. In the Excel document, the chapters that were on the Grouped sheet are now presented as separate tabs. These changes ensure the documents are accessible to all users.

Revisions to the CED-DxS v6.0 are listed in Table 1. These changes are effective April 1, 2019. 

Accessing the NACRS pick-lists

The PCL and CED-DxS are available from CIHI’s online store. PDF and Excel formats are available.

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Table 1 Revisions to the CED-DxS (v6.0, 2019)

CED-DxS code CED-DxS common term ICD-10-CA v2018 code title Description of change
F129 Mental dis due to cannabinoids Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of cannabinoids, unspecified mental and behavioural disorder Addition of new code/common term
T407 Poisoning cannabis Poisoning by cannabis (derivatives) Addition of new code/common term
Q430 Meckel’s diverticulum Meckel diverticulum Modified ICD-10-CA code title from “Meckel’s diverticulum” to align with v2018 code title