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Your Health System: In Depth provides a detailed overview of British Columbia’s health care system and of the health of Canadians in British Columbia. Compare data by hospital, long-term care organization, city, health region, province or territory.

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Health care access in British Columbia

Person-centredness health care in British Columbia

  • Repeat Hospital Stays for Mental Illness — See how many patients with mental illness had repeated stays in hospital by examining statistics by British Columbia facility, health authority, region and province, as well as trends over time

Health care efficiency in British Columbia

Health care appropriateness and effectiveness in British Columbia

Health care safety in British Columbia

Social determinants in British Columbia health care

  • Heavy Drinking — Compare heavy drinking percentages for British Columbia and other provinces, and see results for all regions and cities, as well as for other criteria within the province
  • Children Vulnerable in Areas of Early Development — View the statistics of early development vulnerabilities in children across British Columbia and the rest of Canada
  • Obesity — View obesity trends over time and compare percentages for British Columbia with those for all of Canada
  • Smoking — See smoking percentages within British Columbia health regions as well as for other provinces in Canada
  • Physical Activity During Leisure Time — Explore levels of physical activity in British Columbia by region and comparisons with all of Canada over time

Health status in British Columbia

  • Life Expectancy at Birth — See statistics on life expectancy at birth in British Columbia by health region, hospital or long-term care organization
  • Life Expectancy at Age 65 — View comparisons on life expectancy at age 65 in British Columbia over time
  • Perceived Health — See how people in British Columbia rated their overall physical, social and mental health
  • Avoidable Deaths — See data results on avoidable deaths per 100,000 population in British Columbia regions and facilities, as well as comparisons with other provinces
  • Avoidable Deaths From Preventable Causes — Compare results on avoidable deaths from preventable causes in British Columbia by long-term care facility, health region and hospital, and over time
  • Avoidable Deaths From Treatable Causes — Learn about the effectiveness of British Columbia’s health care system by exploring data on deaths that were avoidable from treatable causes
  • Hospitalized Heart Attacks — View the number of heart attacks in British Columbia that resulted in hospitalization, per 100,000 population, and compare data by health region, facility or province
  • Hospitalized Strokes — See statistics on how often strokes in British Columbia resulted in hospitalization
  • Self-Injury Hospitalizations — Explore long-term care organizations, health regions and hospitals in British Columbia to see results on hospitalizations that resulted from self-injury
  • Improved Physical Functioning in Long-Term Care — Examine the levels of improved physical functioning in long-term care facilities in British Columbia by facility and health region and over time
  • Worsened Physical Functioning in Long-Term Care — Explore data on the worsening of physical functioning in British Columbia long-term care by facility, over time and by region, and compare with other provinces (on a comparative map)
  • Worsened Depressive Mood in Long-Term Care — Compare results of worsened depressive mood in long-term care in British Columbia with those in other provinces, as well as by health region or care facility
  • Experiencing Pain in Long-Term Care — See British Columbia statistics on rates of experiencing pain in long-term care
  • Experiencing Worsened Pain in Long-Term Care — Percentages of worsened pain experienced in long-term care in British Columbia are presented by time trend, health region and facility, and comparatively by province