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Most Canadians who access health services receive safe care. However, sometimes there are adverse effects—unintended injuries or complications that arise from health care management and result in death, disability or prolonged hospital stay.

CIHI is working to help understand the issues related to patient safety and the provision of safe care. We are also helping to measure improvements in the safety of care provided. Our work includes a number of initiatives, from the development and reporting of indicators across the continuum of care to other quality and patient safety analyses and initiatives.

One initiative is the National System for Incident Reporting (NSIR). NSIR is a reporting system developed by CIHI to enable both system-wide and local solutions to medication incidents.

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Patient safety information

 Reports and analyses
 Databases and data sources
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Reports and analyses about patient safety

Databases and data sources for patient safety

National System for Incident Reporting

The National System for Incident Reporting (NSIR) is a free, web-based reporting system used by Canadian health care facilities to securely and anonymously share, analyze and discuss medication and IV fluid incidents.

NSIR data and analyses inform quality improvement activities at all levels—from ward or unit projects to pan-Canadian initiatives—to foster improvements in health care delivery.

NSIR features

  • No cost: Participation requires only CIHI training and internet access
  • Comprehensive: Near-miss to catastrophic events collected with a streamlined data set
  • Practical: System accepts data uploads from a risk management system or direct data entry
  • Flexible: Users have identifiable access to their own data and de-identified access to data from other facilities
  • Supportive: Web-based tools give users the ability to analyze and discuss incidents
  • Insightful: Learn about ground-level strategies and recommendations that mitigate or prevent harm

For more about NSIR, see Related Resources.

CIHI has a number of other health services databases that contain quality-of-care information. These are described in detail in Types of Care.

Metadata about patient safety

Metadata is information about data. It helps users understand and interpret data from a specific source.

Learn about the National System for Incident Reporting (NSIR).

Key projects on patient safety

CIHI has also developed abstracting guidelines for an optional project in the Discharge Abstract Database for hospitals participating in the Improved Care for Acute Myocardial Infarction intervention. 

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