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Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP)

Note: This public tool will be retired on August 21, 2014, to make way for a new Interactive Facility/Regional Website. At that time, the contents of this page and its links will be removed.

The Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP) is a national quality-improvement initiative providing hospital decision-makers, policy-makers and Canadians with access to indicator results for more than 600 facilities from every province and territory in Canada. The web-based, interactive tool was designed to foster quality improvement and learning about hospital performance.

For a brief overview of CHRP and the information found within this web tool, visit About This Tool.

For technical and interpretive documents, please scroll down to CHRP Key Resources and Toolkit.

Hospital Results

The Hospital Results reports provide hospital-level results for each indicator over multiple years. The tool’s interactive functionality allows users to

  • Examine performance across years
  • Compare regional, provincial/territorial and national results with those of their peers

For more information, visit Hospital Results.

CHRP analytic highlights

CHRP’s analytical highlights include reports that highlight notable trends, variations and comparisons across hospitals, peer groups and jurisdictions over time. The reports help foster peer learning by identifying other hospitals to learn from in a selected group of indicators.

  • Key Findings: Provides a summary of results for selected clinical and financial indicators, and highlights notable trends and interesting results.
  • Clinical Performance Allocation: Helps hospitals identify others they can learn from and highlights performance results by assigning performance categories to seven indicators from the Clinical Effectiveness domain. This snapshot assists users in identifying areas where improvement is needed.
  • Financial Indicator Trending: Provides insight into the operation of health service organizations. Users can examine trends over time and see how these compare with the national average.

For more information on how to interpret the results, please see the Key Resources section for the CHRP Toolkit documents.

Reports and analyses


Financial Indicator Trending

Learn more about Financial Indicator Trending

An interactive website focused on the performance of Canada’s health care system. Current data for the 30-day overall readmission and cost per weighted case indicators can be found on this site.

CHRP Key resources and Toolkit

Key resources


CHRP Toolkit


Key projects

CHRP updates

The updates listed below are of interest to acute care hospitals participating in CHRP. For more general information about these projects, read the information sheets or see More Information below.


More Information

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