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Whether you are a CEO, minister of health, policy-maker or analyst, you need high-quality data and information to make good decisions. Every province and territory across Canada collects health data—so what makes CIHI’s data different?

Our data allows you to compare your data with other data collected from the health care system across the country. Comparisons help you to know where you stand. Quality data also enables you to learn from better practices.

This is why at CIHI, we collect, analyze and publish data and information in a standardized way. Standardization allows every jurisdiction to understand, compare and use the data and information effectively. This results in the decisions that lead to healthier Canadians.

Our Strategic Plan sets out our priorities for health information in the coming years. It also ensures that we continue to respond to your emerging needs.

Strategic Plan information

 Our foundation
 Strategic goals

Our foundation

Four foundational elements help guide our decisions and day-to-day interactions with employees, customers and stakeholders. These elements reflect our culture and business. They are critical to our success as an organization and to meeting our strategic goals.

  • Quality and data standards: We produce high-quality data, standards, products and services for our customers using raw data collected from our stakeholders.
  • Privacy and security of data: We maintain the privacy and security of the data we hold. We work closely with the privacy community across Canada to ensure that our policies meet best practices.
  • Information technology: Our information technology infrastructure ensures that data is accurate, secure and available for use. Our well-supported applications yield analyses that are produced efficiently and effectively.
  • Partnerships: Our partners include health care organizations and governments throughout the country and internationally. This collaborative approach avoids duplication and helps Canadians benefit from the country’s collective expertise.

For more detailed information, download our 2012 to 2017 Strategic Plan.

Strategic goals

Our Strategic Plan is founded on a vision for CIHI’s future of linking quality data to decisions and health outcomes. Our vision statement— Better data. Better decisions. Healthier Canadians.—is embodied in our strategic goals.

1. Improve the comprehensiveness, quality and availability of data

Over the next five years, CIHI will

  • Provide timely and accessible data connected across health sectors
  • Support new and emerging sources of data, including electronic records
  • Provide more complete data in priority areas

2. Support population health and health system decision-making

Over the next five years, CIHI will

  • Produce relevant, appropriate and actionable analysis
  • Offer leading-edge performance management products, services and tools
  • Respond to emerging needs while considering local content

3. Deliver organizational excellence

Over the next five years, CIHI will

  • Promote continuous learning and development
  • Champion a culture of innovation
  • Strengthen transparency and accountability


The following values guide our day-to-day work and our relationships with others.

Respect: Our approach is rooted in respect for our customers and colleagues and for their experience, expertise, creativity and well-being.

Integrity: Integrity and trust underpin everything we are and everything we do

  • In our relationships with customers and colleagues
  • In the data collection, analysis and research we undertake every day
  • In our commitment to privacy, confidentiality and security of information

Collaboration: Our best work comes through a collaborative approach, leveraging the experience, expertise and creativity of our partners.

Excellence: We are guided by the highest ethical, professional and statistical standards in integrating, analyzing and disseminating the health data and information we gather.

Innovation: Health and health care are characterized by change and innovation. At CIHI, we are committed to a culture of innovation to deliver the highest-quality service, advice and products to our clients.


Our vision: Better data. Better decisions. Healthier Canadians.

Canada’s health care systems are evolving and so are the information needs of our customers and stakeholders. There are many reasons for this:

  • Concern about the quality and affordability of health care
  • The need for better data on patient safety and health outcomes
  • The need for methodologies and information to help inform health providers, policy-makers and others
  • An aging population that requires new approaches to delivering care more efficiently
  • Desire for a patient-focused system where care is provided by the most suitable providers in the most appropriate settings
  • Accelerating use of health information technology, providing access to more data sources and opportunities to use data in different ways

All of these impact our plan for the future. Over the next five years, we will

  • Expand what we know about the health of Canadians and our health systems
  • Enhance efforts to understand and use health information that results in better-informed decisions and healthier Canadians