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Hospital Care

Hospital care is a vital part of the health care system. Typically, the federal government establishes the national health care standards that jurisdictions must meet. However, in most parts of the country, provincial and territorial governments are responsible for providing hospital and acute care services.

At CIHI, we collect and report on clinical, administrative and financial data from hospitals providing inpatient and outpatient hospital care in Canada.

Information about hospital care

Emergency and ambulatory care
Medical care delivered on an outpatient basis. It is one of the largest-volume patient activities in Canada, making it a key component of the continuum of health services in Canada.

Acute care
Acute inpatient care provides necessary treatment for a disease or severe episode of illness for a short period of time, with the goal of discharging patients as soon as they are stable.

Continuing care
Serves people who may not be ready for discharge from hospital but who no longer need acute care services. Also known as extended care, chronic care or complex continuing care, this type of hospital care provides ongoing professional services to a diverse population with complex health needs.

Care for both short-stay and long-stay rehabilitation patients.


    • eReporting

      Each year, CIHI and registered organizations collect and analyze data related to the health of Canadians and the Canadian heath care system. To facilitate improved access to timely data, CIHI offers data-submitting organizations a reporting tool. It enables registered organizations to electronically submit and access their data through a secure website.

      Applications available through Client Services eReporting are

      • National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS)
      • National Rehabilitation Reporting System (NRS)
      • Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS)
      • Home Care Reporting System (HCRS)
      • Canadian MIS Database (CMDB)
      • Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR)
      • Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP) eTool
      • Discharge Abstract Database (DAD)

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