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A health indicator is a single measure, usually expressed in quantitative terms, that captures a key dimension of health. Dimensions of health can include such things as how many people suffer from chronic disease or have had a heart attack.

Health indicators also capture various determinants of health, such as income, and they capture key dimensions of the health care system, such as how often patients return to hospital for more care after they have been treated.

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Our Health System Canadians spend more than $200 billion on health care each year. But how well is the system really performing?

Indicator Library Visit CIHI’s Indicator Library for definitions, methodologies and the location of indicator results on CIHI’s website.

OECD International Comparisons Use CIHI’s interactive web tool  to see how provinces compare to OECD countries on 19  quality of care indicators.

Health Indicators 2013 is the 14th in a series of annual reports containing the most recently available health indicators data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information and Statistics Canada.

Health Indicators e-publication
This publication, produced jointly by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), is a compilation of over 80 indicators measuring health status, non-medical determinants of health, health-system performance and community and health-system characteristics.




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