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Vision and Mandate

CIHI renewed its vision, mandate and values in 2012.

Since 1994, we have played a unique role in Canada’s health care system. Working with our partners, we have

  • Helped improve the depth and breadth of Canada’s health data
  • Built and maintained 27 critical pan-Canadian databases that enable jurisdictions to compare data
  • Produced analyses on health and health care in Canada that are relevant, timely and actionable
  • Increased the understanding and use of data through education, reporting tools and strategies
  • Developed information standards that allow every jurisdiction to understand, compare and use the data effectively

Our Vision

Better data. Better decisions. Healthier Canadians.

Read more about our plan for the future in our 2012 to 2017 Strategic Plan.

Our Mandate

To lead the development and maintenance of comprehensive and integrated health information that enables sound policy and effective health system management that improve health and health care.

Our Values

Respect, integrity, collaboration, excellence, innovation.

Take a closer look at our 2012 to 2017 Strategic Plan to find out how we live our values.

Our Foundation

Four elements reflect our culture and are critical to our success:

  • Quality and data standards
  • Privacy and security of data
  • Information technology
  • Partnerships

Read more about the elements that make up our foundation in our 2012 to 2017 Strategic Plan.

Our Work

We work with our stakeholders to create and maintain a broad range of health databases, measurements and standards. We also help them better understand and use our evidence-based insight and analyses in their day-to-day decision-making. We develop reports and analyses from our own data and other data sources.

We do all of this in a way that ensures privacy and value for Canadians and the Canadian health care system.

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      • What Makes CIHI’s Data Different?

        Every province and territory across Canada collects health data—so what makes CIHI’s data different? Our data provides you with the ability to compare your data with other data collected from across the country—without the ability to compare you wouldn’t know where you stood. It also enables you to learn from leading practices.

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