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Estimate the average cost of hospital services using our Patient Cost Estimator. For example,

  • The estimated average hospital cost of a lung transplant is $107,037.
  • The average acute care length of stay for a lung transplant is 32 days.
  • Hospital services for newborns/neonates weighing less than 750 grams cost an average of $155,048 per patient. 
  • The estimated average hospital cost of a unilateral hip replacement is $9,263.

See more data on high-volume patient groups, average costs of hospital services, and lengths of stay using our web tool.


Take a look at the CIHI and Statistic Canada’s Health Indicators e-Publication— now with updated results for 27 CIHI indicators and 3 Statistics Canada indicators. Customize your search of these indicators in the following ways:

  • Data for all available years and trending over time (up to 15 years of data is available for some indicators)
  • Breakdown by sex (where applicable)
  • Breakdown by socio-economic status (where applicable)
  • Data export and graphing capabilities
  • Regional maps


This bariatric surgery study highlights trends in the procedure, common patient characteristics, and patient outcomes such as:

  • Complications
  • Readmissions
  • The use of hospital services before and after surgery

The updated analysis includes 2013–2014 data. See our updated infographic and data tables.


New data shows that hospital deaths continue to decrease across the country.

  • Out of 83 reporting facilities in Canada (outside Quebec), 47 have significantly improved on this measure over the last 5 years.
  • For patients who die in Canadian hospitals, the 6 leading causes of death are stroke, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, sepsis and heart attack.

Updated results for the indicator Hospital Deaths (also known as HSMR, for “hospital standardized mortality ratio”) are available on CIHI’s Your Health System web tool.


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